Reggae Agenda invited us over to have a little chat about who we are, what Rastafari means to us and what our vision is for the coming years!

Below are a few of the questions we answered for Reaggae Agenda


Where does your inspiration to play Reggae/dub music comes from ? 

From a young age I was attracted to Reggae/Dub music.  There was a force in me that wanted to explore and create Reggae/dub music. To really understand this genre I committed myself to study it. And from there I was deeply inspired by The Scientist ,Black Uhuru, Lee Perry and The Revolutionaries. – Milan

My inspiration does not come from a specific thing or person. I grew up with a lot of Reggae and Dub music and when I play it, it comes out of myself. So actually you can say I’m affected by Reggae and Dub music from different musicians in this genre. – Earl

You are six beautiful young people from all sorts and colors. How and when did you guys meet ?

Olivia and earl live in the studio so they basically started this mess. We found Bobby in the bushes, Joanne just twerked her way in to the band, Quincy just wanted to spread the message around and yeh we adopted Milan for some reason…..haha – Milan

Hailing from Amsterdam you must have known reggae music for a long time we assume. Is coming from Amsterdam something that works in your advantage on ‘the (international) music market’ ?

Well, not everyone comes from Amsterdam. Most of us come from Almere (Ally) but I think the name Amsterdam established it self as an international brand in many ways. I would guess we will have some more advantage out of it than if you say your from ‘Lelystad’ or something. – Milan

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